Re: Adam as head + two creation accounts

Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 13:08:18 EDT

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    You wrote: Aren't you being inconsistent, when here, you insist on reading
    every word
    literally, and yet reject the literal interpretation of days in Gen 1?

    I do not reject a literal interpretation of Genesis 1. I read Genesis 1 quite
    literally (vs. metaphorically or symbolically). I just read it with the
    knowledge that some Hebrew words at the time Genesis was written had more
    than one meaning. The word "day" in Hebrew is "yom." It is widely
    acknowledged by scholars of the Hebrew language that "yom" was not just used
    by ancient Hebrews to refer to a 24 hour period of time. In fact, they tell
    us "yom" had "several meanings." And they inform us that one of its meanings
    was "a period of time of unspecified duration." (see Vines Expository
    Dictionary of Biblical Words, 1985, pg. 54)

    You wrote: Also note that not all fruits have seed in them.

    You may want to check the Hebrew. For the Hebrew refers to the trees being
    the seed-bearers, not the fruit of the trees. "The interlinear Bible"
    (Hendrickson Publishers 1986) renders these words in Gen. 1:29 as, "every
    tree in which is the fruit of a tree seeding seed - it shall be food for

    And since all fruit trees are seed-bearing, it is clear that God told the
    people whose creation is described in Gen. 1 that they were allowed to eat
    the fruit from all trees, something quite different than He told Adam and
    Eve. For this reason and others, I continue to believe that Gen. 1 is
    describing God's creation of preadamic man and Gen. 2 is describing His
    creation of Adam and Eve.


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