Re: 2900 BC vs. 2350 BC

Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 02:25:36 EDT

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    Dick wrote: First, you have to correlate a meteor impact with a flood.

    I don't know if Noah's flood was caused by a meteor impact or impacts. And,
    if it was, I certainly don't know if the alleged crater in Iraq was caused by
    a meteor impact, let alone one in 2350 BC. However, the possibility certainly
    exists that Noah's flood was caused by a meteor impact or impacts. Especially
    when we consider the wording of the epic of Gilgamesh which tells us that at
    the time of the flood, "The seven judges of hell ... raised their torches,
    lighting the land with their livid flame. A stupor of despair went up to
    heaven when the god of the storm turned daylight into darkness, when he
    smashed the land like a cup."

    If this was the case, those living outside of Noah's land would have been in
    a position to observe and record the cause of Noah's flood, while Noah and
    his family if they were already closed up inside the ark before the rain
    started would not have been.

    The alleged meteor crater in Iraq has not been studied, let alone dated. So
    it has nothing to do with the 2350 BC date. That date has recently been shown
    by dendrochronologists to be one in which the climate of the ancient Near
    East was, for some unexplained reason, greatly altered for a short period of
    time. Of course, the reason these tree ring studies have made news is because
    the date they point to happens to exactly match the date Bible chronologists
    have long assigned to Noah's flood.

    Dick wrote: The world was divided in Peleg's day - a meteor might do that.

    I wonder if the "dividing" that took place in Peleg's day may have just been
    the dividing of the people of Noah's land when God temporarily confused their
    languages at the tower of Babel.


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