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Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 08:07:32 EDT

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    Thanks for your opinion Jim.


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    >Glenn writes
    >>I have updated my page on the Black Sea Flood based upon the article by
    >>et al., which David Campbell mentioned. The page is
    >where it says
    >>>In 1997, William Ryan and colleagues suggested that the partial
    >filling of
    >the Black Sea 7100 years ago was the source of the legend for Noah's flood.
    >They suggest that the flood spread farmers throughout Europe and moved
    >people out of the Black Sea to the south, carrying the legend with them. I
    >don't think this will work for several reasons. It doesn't match the
    >description of the Biblical flood. If all we christians want is a
    >flood, any
    >old flood regardless of what it is like the this will do as well
    >as the next
    >flood. But if we want to match the Biblical account, the Black Sea Flood
    >won't do at all.>>
    >Well, Glenn, you've done it again! Glenn, I have a lot of
    >accounting experience. Not only that, I scored a 760 on my
    >math SAT (before they made it easier).
    >Once again, I scratch my head.
    >The Bible places the flood somewhere between 2000 and 3000 B.C.
    >What is your Biblical rationale for posting this type of information?

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