Eastern section of ASA meeting.

From: James Mahaffy (Mahaffy@dordt.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 18:56:45 EST

Alan tried to send this to the Christian geologist list but it was to
long for our software to accept. I offered to stick the brochure on a
temp web page. You can find it both in word and in wordperfect.
The word form is at url:
and the rtf form which Word Perfect and other Word Processors can read

It did not appear on the ASA list as far as I know so I will send it
there too.

Here is Alan M's note:
We are pleased to foreword the final brochure for the Eastern PA
Section of the ASA meeting at Messiah College on April 6th.

We will be Dr David Campbell speaking on the calling of a Christian to
a career in paleontology and the differences between molecular and
cladistic methods in hypothesizing evolutionary relationships. I'm sure
that we will be discussing the difficult relationship between Christian
doctrine/faith and evolution.

If all goes well, we will also have a trip to a local fossil site at
the conclusion of the day's events.

Since this will be our first meeting at Messiah, we are closer to many
of you outside the local Phila area.

The attachment is WORD. There are two pages. The second should be
printed on the back of the first. Then fold in three with the ASA logo
showing and the words "You are cordially invited..." visible on the

Please invite colleagues and friends. Ted and I would like to know you
are coming by the end of March.

Contact me if you cannot download the brochure.

Alan McCarrick

James Mahaffy (mahaffy@dordt.edu) Phone: 712 722-6279
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