RE: Human origins and doctrine

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Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 14:35:27 EST

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    Hello David,

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    > I would agree with you in rejecting the claims of those who
    > would say that religion is simply a product of evolutionary
    > forces. That is clearly a non-Christian viewpoint, as it
    > rejects Christ as providing any factual revelation, much less
    > as being God. However, acceptance of biological evolution as
    > an adequate description of the means by which all organisms
    > are physically created does not require acceptance of
    > attempts at fully explaining all aspects of humanity through
    > evolution. The presence of unique spiritual aspects to
    > humanity tells us nothing about God's choice of physical
    > means in creating us.

    As I have also pointed out to Keith, you too seem to want to make a sharp
    distinction between the physical and the spiritual which I am uncomfortable
    with. Do you think that God created our physical bodies through one process
    (evolution), and our spiritual aspects through another?


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