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From: Peter Ruest (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 00:58:28 EST

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    Dear ASA friends,

    This list is an extremely interesting place for discussion of questions
    relating to Christianity / science issues. I greatly enjoy reading your
    messages, particularly the many careful considerations - even the long

    Yet, sometimes it is becoming rather time-consuming and tedious to wade
    through all these many contributions. I am forced to unsubscribe when I
    am away for a week or more. But the situation could be markedly improved
    if all contributors would respect a few very simple rules for reducing
    substantially the text volume transmitted.

    May I make some suggestions (with my apologies to all those of you for
    whom all this is already obvious)?

    1. Please use plain text only!
    With MIME messages, at least those of us who receive the messages as
    plain text (for various reasons) get about 3 times the amount of text,
    first the message proper, followed by the same thing once more, enriched
    with all manner of formating gibberish. Maybe there are other fancy
    formats resulting in similar overheads.

    2. Please delete from your message all unused text before you mail it!
    When you use the "Reply" button to answer a particular incoming mail,
    the content of the incoming e-mail is automatically appended to what you
    write ("Original message:..."). After this has occurred a few times in a
    dialog, the final receiver gets a message perhaps 10 or 20 times as long
    as needed, containing the same texts repeatedly, growing like an
    avalanche! Of course, often some reminder of what your correspondent
    wrote is required for comprehension of your answer, and respondents
    often insert their responses at various places of the text received. But
    even here, people often fail to snip out unneeded passages.

    3. Please write your contribution offline!
    This makes it much easier to formulate carefully, improving the
    information-to-noise quotient appreciably. I found it most convenient to
    hit the "Reply" button in the mail window, transfer the contents to the
    text software, insert my replies, edit out what's superfluous, and
    recopy the result into an empty mail form of the mail software.

    4. Please use a writing window width of around 70 characters!
    Many short lines (or lines cut in the reading window because they are
    too long) make it more difficult to keep the overall view of a lengthy

    Thank you for your consideration!


    Dr Peter Ruest, CH-3148 Lanzenhaeusern, Switzerland
    <> - Biochemistry - Creation and evolution
    "..the work which God created to evolve it" (Genesis 2:3)

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