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Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 14:20:20 EST

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    I am forwarding this from NCSE:

    The Ohio Board of Education is currently considering downplaying evolution
    content in their new science standards, removing references to the age of
    the earth, and including "Intelligent Design theory" -the idea that life
    cannot be scientifically explained -i.e. without recourse to supernatural
    events. Legislation has been introduced into Ohio's House & Senate, that
    would give instructional time to so-called "scientific alternatives" to
    evolution whenever evolution is taught in Ohio's classrooms. Intelligent
    Design "theory" is the political heir to the "creation-science" movement
    of the 1980's whose "equal time" laws were found unconstitutional by the
    US Supreme Court in 1987. Its backers are serious, well-spoken,
    well-funded, and well-organized. The Ohio situation is the tip of the
    iceberg. Similar situations will be arising in other states in the next
    few years. FMI see www.ohioscience.org
    When intellectual issues arise in public policy, it is the obligation of
    universities to help the public understand the issues and access further
    resources. Thus, we are extremely happy to see Case Western taking on that


    Why Intelligent Design Theory Isn't Science

    Case Western Reserve University's Center for Policy Studies is pleased to
    announce a public presentation -FREE and open to the public- 1 pm, March
    2, 2002, at the Allen Theater, Playhouse Square, Cleveland, OH:



    Cynthia Beall
    Sarah Idell Pyle Professor of Anthropology,
    And member of the National Academy of Sciences

    Lawrence Krauss
    Ambrose Swasey Prof of Physics, Prof. of Astronomy, and Chair of Physics,
    Case Western Reserve University
    author of "The Physics of Star Trek" & "Atom: An Odyssey from the Big Bang
    to Life on Earth"
    "The Nature of Science and the Current Situation in Ohio"

    Stephen Jay Gould
    Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology, Harvard University
    author of "Wonderful Life", & "Rocks of Ages"
    "The Factuality of Evolution &
    The Non-Scientific Nature of Intelligent Design Theory"

    Kenneth R. Miller
    Professor of Biology, Brown University
    Author of "Finding Darwin's God"
    "Looking for God in All the Wrong Places:
    Do the Details of Life Reveal Design or Evolution?"

    This event is co-sponsored by the College Scholars Program, the Hallinan
    Project, and CWRU's departments of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Physics,
    Anthropology, Philosophy, and Religion.
    This event is FREE and open to the public
    1 pm, March 2, 2002
    Allen Theater, Playhouse Square, Cleveland, OH:
    FMI Patricia Princehouse, Dept of Philosophy pmp7@cwru.edu
    Joe White, Dept of Political Science jxw87@po.cwru.edu
    CWRU www.cwru.edu

    Skip Evans
    Network Project Director
    National Center for Science Education
    420 40th St, Suite 2
    Oakland, CA 94609
    510-601-7204 (fax)

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