Re: Date of genesis 1 (was Genesis One that Fits, #3)

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Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 14:01:06 EST

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    gordon brown wrote:

    > The relevance of the following to the date of Genesis 1 depends on one's
    > view of the unity of the Pentateuch. At least it gives some evidence
    > concerning the date of Deuteronomy.
    > The book of Joshua claims to have been written during the lifetime of
    > Rahab (Josh. 6:25). Unless this a forgery, this places its writing long
    > before the exile. The book itself contains several references to the
    > commandments of Moses as written in the book of the law. (1:7,8;
    > 8:31,34,35; 23:6). Josh. 8:31 appears to be quoting from Deut. 27:4-6.
    > (See also Exodus 20:25.) Assuming that the book of the law is all or part
    > of the Pentateuch, this would indicate that some of it (Deuteronomy at
    > least) was in written form fairly soon after the arrival of the Israelites
    > in Canaan.

            Josh.6:25 can be understood as meaning that Rahab's descendants were alive & known at the
    time of composition. In addition, the description of pseudonymous works of the biblical period as
    "forgeries" is anachronistic and unjustly implies that the intent was to deceive.


    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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