RE: Human origins and doctrine (was Definition of "Species")

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Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 13:22:29 EST

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    Hello John,

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    > Adrian
    > wrotee: >>One cannot deny the histority
    > of Adam. >>
    > Why not? If I do not think Adam was a real live single human
    > being, does
    > that mean I am not a Christian?
    > I'd assert that such is a very narrow view. And not particularly
    > biblical.

    No, please don't get me wrong. It is not my place to judge the authenticity
    of your Christian faith. My point is that I fail to understand how one can
    deny the historicity of Adam and explain the biblical understanding of the
    inheritance of sin/guilt/corruption (depending on your tradition), and also
    reconcile that with how Paul, in his letter to the Romans (Ch5), seems to
    assume that sin came through ONE man.

    Finally, I also fail to see how my view is "not particularly biblical",
    since this is the view held by the majority of Christians through the


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