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Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 09:10:10 EST

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    Keith B Miller wrote:

    > >It's entirely possible that, in viewing the virgin birth as a sign, you are
    > >not at all discounting the truth that God also acted decisively in the
    > >life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But my tradition tends to
    > >start from the other end -- that it was God's historical action in Christ
    > >that is the fundamental meaning of the incarnation and resurrection of
    > >Christ, rather than the communication of divine truths, principles or
    > >insights.
    > I agree that "it was God's historical action in Christ that is the
    > fundamental meaning of the incarnation and resurrection of Christ." I also
    > see the incarnation as a fundamental entry of divinity into humanity and
    > creation (or rather God's assuming of our created nature). However, it
    > seems that the virgin birth is not essential to God's assuming our nature,
    > but rather serves as a testimony pointing to that incarnational reality.

            A few points -
            1) Revelation need not be understood as the giving of propositional
    statements or texts. It is, in a more fundamental sense, God's
    self-communication. Revelation is theophany - though not necessarily with the
    thunder & lightning &c that that word sometimes suggests.
            2) We don't need to decide whether the Incarnation & cross (N.B.) &
    resurrection are revelatory OR salvific. They are both. God's action to save
    the world shows what kind of deity God is.
            3) Slightly more speculatively, I think that the virginal conception
    points to the presence & action of the creator - as do other NT signs. That is
    the thrust of, e.g., the quote from Ps.Ignatius that I posted earlier.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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