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Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 10:29:22 EST

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    How else could Christ become the Son of God? Moorad

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    > Time for something completely different.
    > My understanding, without background references is that the traditional
    > justification for the virgin birth was that it was how Christ obtained a
    > sinless nature. My suspicion is this related to ancient ideas on how
    > conception occurred, that the man planted the seed in the woman who
    > essentially provided the a suitable host. This idea of conception seems
    > to have survived into the early microscope era, I recall seeing early
    > drawings of sperm where people thought they could see homunculi in the
    > sperm. Thus with the virgin birth, God provided the seed and mary was
    > simply the cooperative recipient. Am I correct in this, or right off
    > base?
    > Now I take the Virgin Birth as a "given". In that case, in the light of
    > the modern understanding of what happens at conception, how do we
    > understand it, and more importantly, what is the theolological
    > justification?
    > Jon

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