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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 21:40:32 EST

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     Hi, Paul...
     I think I must have missed an email. Your post below starts out "Bob
     wrote,..." but I don't recall receiving this information from "Bob." So
     I'm not sure I can respond well without knowing all the context.
      However, I will comment that capitalism with a tax base certainly does
     provide oodles and oodles of benefit for the poorest people in our land
     (roads, schools, food, assistance with energy bills, medical care, and
     so on) while maintaining a strong foundation that works well with human
     behavior patterns (reward those who work hard, etc.). In terms of
     religion, I suppose we could take it denomination by denomination and
     analyze the viewpoints, but I don't personally know anyone who thinks
     it's wrong for the lawn maintenance man who dropped out of high school
     in the ninth grade to be living in a modest home while the brain surgeon
     who studied for 12 years after high school lives in a great house. I
     just don't see those different living standards as un-Christian. Did I
     get your point, or did I miss it entirely? I'm answering sort of "out
     of context" here.
     Lucy >>

    It's a good reply for Bob. I have basically agreed with you all along.


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