Re: Human origins and doctrine (was Definition of "Species")

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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 16:43:35 EST

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    Adrian wrote: "Perhaps so. However, one may be tempted to take this line
    of reasoning and argue that maybe ANY fundamental doctrines of the faith
    should also be
    challenged including the Trinity, Christ as man-God, sola Scriptura, etc.
    Where do we draw the line?"

    I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I draw no line; any doctrine is
    open for challenge. To tuck one away as "I know for a fact that this is
    so" is to arbitrarily stop thinking at that point. I will not do that.

    I have always told my students not to turn off their brains when entering
    the church. I happen to think this position is the only intellectually
    respectable one to assume.

    Recommended reading -- The Myth of Certainty, by Daniel Taylor.

    Friend wife and I, for our Lenten devotions, are wading through THE
    MEANING OF JESUS by Borg & Wright. It is challenging.

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