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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 13:09:04 EST

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    Hello George,

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    > Well, what is the "satisfactory account" of how
    > special creation gives us
    > "moral capacity and
    > self-determination"? It is simply a statement that God gave us those
    > capacities. & of course that's true - just as God gave us
    > hands & feet & eyes.
    > A Christian understanding of evolution says that God has done
    > all that mediately,
    > through natural processes - & has to admit that at this point
    > there are a lot of
    > things we don't understand about how that happened.
    > Which is simply to say that pointing to a lack of
    > understanding of how
    > our moral capacity arose as an argument for "special" (i.e.,
    > non-evolutionary)
    > creation is just a variant of the God of the gaps argument.

    You raise a very important point, and that is that I have inserted God into
    a process that has yet to be adequately explained by science. In a sense
    this is a God-of-the-gaps argument, which I recognize, but in a different
    sense, aren't we all as Christians invoking the same argument whenever we
    argue for the necessity of God? Naturalists have frequently accused
    Christian apologists of this argument. I would be reluctant to readily
    insert God into any gaps we find in science, but in this case, I am arguing
    that the naturalistic account seems *inherently* inadequate in explaining
    the big questions (s.a. origin of the universe, purpose, self-determination,
    morality). So, yes, technically, I am invoking God-of-the-gaps, but only in
    a limited way, and in a way not unlike how any apologist would approach such



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