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Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 14:42:56 EST

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    Walt wrote,

    < I have tried to find The material on "Enuma elish" on the web and get
     nothing that looks similar to Genesis Chapter one. Would you have any

    The actual text is at
    It and numerous other ancient Near Eastern parallels are found in Ancient
    Near Eastern Texts related to the Old Testament, ed. J. B. Pritchard

    Although called the Babylonian Creation Story, E.E. is broader than that,
    having as its main purpose the exaltation of Marduk and the city of Babylon.

    You will find a discussion of the parallels across the theological spectrum.
    I recommend them all: Liberal: Genesis by E.A. Speiser (in the Anchor Bible
    series); Moderate: Alexander Heidel, The Babylonian Genesis (still the
    standard discussion); Ultra conservative: Merrill F. Unger, Archaeology and
    the Old Testament (Zondervan, 1954) appropriate pages.

    It is a short essay by the Assyriologist W. G. Lambert, "A New Look at the
    Babylonian Background of Genesis," available in the volume I Studied
    Inscriptions from before the Flood (Eisenbrauns, 1994), a book incidentally
    which anyone serious about understanding the OT in context should read, that
    makes what is in my mind the most important point: Genesis and E.E. are the
    only two creation stories that mention the dividing of the primordial waters.
    Speiser also makes E.E. tie-in directly with Gen 11:1-9; and although he may
    not be right about the direct tie-in, he is pointing up an important issue:
    Marduk and Babylon were of no significance in Mesopotamian history until c.
    1800 BC when Hammurabi arose. This is also about the time of Abraham. It is
    accordingly my belief that the core of Gen 1-11 came to us from Abraham,
    although I do not dispute that it was edited c. 600 B.C.



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