RE: Jewelry among modern humans

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Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 16:07:47 EST

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    >Glenn wrote: "And Neanderthals made flutes and whistles. To claim that
    >they were merely bipedal mammals as Ross and Rana do is simply silly and
    >totally ignores
    >data. When are these apologists going to at least tell their supporters
    >anthropological facts?"
    >My guess is that they have gone out on a limb far enough that to even
    >acknowledge the existence of such findings would compromise their
    >message. I do not think they do this maliciously, however. It is just the
    >human condition to closely look at data that supports our position and to
    >selectively ignore the rest. It is a condition which is very very hard to
    >overcome, for one fools himself so easily.

    The demands of humility aways require that we be ready to admit that we can
    and often are, wrong.


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