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From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 05:30:22 EST

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    Hi, whoever you are.

    Glenn does not normally come here anymore, so will butt in. All have sinned in this regard, but I must say that Glenn has, for
    the 4 years i have been interacting with him on the net, shown far more courtesy than many (not all) YECs who have attacked
    him. He does not, as a rule, go round calling people apostates, renegades, or accuse them on lurking in the darker corners of
    the net, all of which have been said about Glenn. His general patience (which, being a sinner, sometimes fails), as been an
    example. Before I am accused on writing a panegyric, let it be clear that I don't always agree with him, a fact if you have
    been lurking here for a while you will be aware of.

    Now that you have come out, as it were, how about you introduce yourself properly?



    DSCH34 wrote:

    > Glenn Morton wrote:
    > I will reply
    > openly as one should always shed the maximal amount of light on the
    > unchristian behavior of the YECs.
    > Jesus Christ wrote (or rather said):
    > By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.
    > Yes. Humphries was way out of line, and allowed his anger to get the better of him.
    > But on the criteria laid down by Jesus Christ, I'd say:
    > Humphries: 0 out of 10
    > Morton: 0 out of 10
    > Isn't it about time we stopped bashing people whose opinion we don't agree with and learn something about motes and planks?
    > I don't see much evidence for disciples of Jesus Christ on either side.
    > It's a good job I'm not an atheist lurker.
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