Re: Human origins and doctrine (was Definition of "Species")

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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 18:59:30 EST

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    I agree, Burgy. It might be worthwhile mentioning that the doctrine of
    original sin is a western Christian conception and not part of the body of
    doctrine of eastern Christianity. The concept of the Fall is not
    inextricably connected with the doctrine of original sin in the eyes of
    eastern theologians. And there have always been western Christians (myself
    included) who have thought that O.S. is neither an adequate theological
    explanation for human sinfulness nor a prerequisite for God's act of
    salvation in Christ.

    Bob Schneider

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    > Adrian wrote: "I fail to see how the doctrine of original sin can be
    > reconciled with
    > a purely evolutionary framework that denies the special creation of
    > humans."
    > Then maybe the "doctrine of original sin" is what needs to be challenged?
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