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From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 16:47:39 EST

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    Dear Jan

    You seem to have taken offence at reading my email. For this offence I totally
    apologise. I completely disassociate myself from the tone of the quote from
    Humphreys. My reaction to it is the same as yours. In retrospect perhaps I
    should have placed a warning "offensive comments" in the title. My sole
    objective here is to find the original circumstances of the post so that I can
    show my friend from church how over the top it is an innappropiate as a means
    to try an win someone to YEC. I know both Steve and Glenn electronically and
    have seen how they debate, I know it is highly unlikely they would act in
    anyway deserving of such a diatribe.

    Very respectfully


    Jan de Koning wrote:

    > At 05:08 PM 22/02/02 +1100, Jonathan Clarke wrote:
    > >Hi all
    > >
    > >I started this discussion on acg-1 which I run from my work computer but
    > >as it is the weekend and I won't be at it until Monday I will continue
    > >it here.
    > That is quite a weekend, more than I got when I was still working.
    > >Part of it says:
    > >
    > >"An anticreationist
    > I object to this way of calling people names. I believe that God created
    > the universe, though I probably disagree with many people about the way God
    > did it.
    > I do not know about magnetic fields, at least not enough to talk about it,
    > so I skip it.
    > >He justly deserves any embarrassment he may get from this incident.
    > That is NOT a Christian attitude.
    > > Although Morton says he is still a Christian,
    > That is not up to you to decide.
    > >Calvin college (in Grand
    > >Rapids, Michigan) has been a center of anticreationism for several
    > >decades, being the home
    > >territory of such worthies as Howard Van Til, Davis A. Young, and
    > >Clarence Menninga. Though
    > >still nominally a Christian college, many of its faculty seem to have
    > >slid very far down and away
    > >from its original principles.
    > Why nominally? Who is a Christian? When is a college a Christian
    > College? I object to the way you are wording your disagreements, even
    > when you are right about being slighted. I cannot judge that.
    > I am a supporter of Calvin College, and I would like to know when it became
    > "nominally a Christian College, many of its faculty seem to have slid very
    > far down and away from its original principles" ? Do you know what its
    > original principles are?
    > > As an
    > >experiment, I appealed to Christian ethics.
    > >
    > >His response? He ignored my request and challenged me to debate him on
    > >other technical issues.
    > >He showed not a shred of shame about relaying bad scholarship and
    > >wrongly accusing creationists
    > >of dishonesty. I wrote back that I was not at all interested in debating
    > >him, because I was so
    > >disgusted with his hypocrisy that I didn't want anything more to do with
    > >him."
    > So you are as guilty as he was, if I understand your wording correctly.
    > Generally speaking, I do not appreciate reading postings like Jonathan's at
    > all. I do not know his thinking, I know that some people he accuses do
    > believe that God created everything, the earth, the stars and everything
    > there is. I also know that man fell in sin, and that all of us are now
    > sinners. Even more that all of our doing and thinking is affected by our
    > sins. Still, we should accept all who say that they are Christians, and
    > point out maybe where they went wrong. But that pointing out should not be
    > done on a public forum.
    > Jan de Koning

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