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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 16:04:51 EST

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    Hi paul,

    I was trying to restrict my discussion to Genesis chapter 1. The
    remainder of Genesis is quite different in nature. Also I am more
    impressed in the accurate portions of Genesis 1 than I am disturbed buy
    the inaccurate part.

    I have tried to find The material on "Enuma elish" on the web and get
    nothing that looks similar to Genesis Chapter one. Would you have any


    Walt wrote:
    > Wally wrote,
    > << Back in the late 60's, Eric Von Daniken wrote a book called "Chariots of
    > the Gods?". I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS BOOK!. However, the author voices the
    > opinion that humans were visited by astronauts and they were told by
    > them how the earth and humanity came about. As best they could, they
    > remembered this story and repeated it from generation to generation.
    > They wrote it down when they had learned how to write. (A recent
    > Discovery Channel presentation attributed the first books of the Bible
    > to Moses since he learned to write in Egypt.)
    > Replace the astronauts with God or the HS and is this not a credible
    > story?
    > Walt
    > >>
    > It doesn't fit the historical evidence. If God revealed the story of
    > creation, that is, the story we have in Gen 1 to Adam, it should have come
    > down through Noah and his 3 sons to all peoples. But, the only two creation
    > stories that substantially look like each other are Gen 1 and the Babylonian
    > creation account, Enuma elish. All peoples have the solid firmament, but only
    > a teeny tiny few have an ocean above the firmament, and only Gen 1 and E.e.
    > tell about the dividing of the waters; and in both accounts the waters that
    > are divided are from the Semitic root thm.Given the rest of the Babylonian
    > background to Gen 1-11, it is just too probable that the story of creation,
    > like the Flood story, began with a Babylonian story.
    > Paul

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