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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 21:36:32 EST

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    Hi Jonathan,

    I am no longer subscribed so this was sent to me by a friend. I will reply
    openly as one should always shed the maximal amount of light on the
    unchristian behavior of the YECs.

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    >Hi all
    >I started this discussion on acg-1 which I run from my work computer but
    >as it is the weekend and I won't be at it until Monday I will continue
    >it here.
    >I asked for some information about an attack (and a nasty one at that)
    >by Russell Humphreys on Tim Thompson, Steve Schimmrich and Glenn Morton
    >that is on the True.Origin Archive. In particular i was after the
    >background information especially the criticism of Steve (who may still
    >lurk here) of Humphreys and any response by Steve. The material I got
    >was to another unpleasant discussion with John Woodmorappe, which was
    >not it.
    >Sorry to have to drag this unplesantness up, but i need it for a
    >discussion with someone at church, who has given me RH's attack.

    >Any light anyone on the squalid piece of near vilification and slander?
    >Feel free to respond privately.

    As I recall the situation, circa Oct. 1998, Tim Thompson posted a critique
    of Humphreys' magnetic reversal ideas, I believe on the Evolution reflector.
    I added a few comments to it. That note was the reply by Humphreys. The
    only thing different between the copy posted on the ASA and what was
    originally posted was that originally Humphreys called me an apostate. I
    ignored that for a long while. But when I found that claim then repeated on
    AiG's website, I got fed up and took actions to get them to retract that
    falsehood. That is why in October I posted the note denying that I was an

    I will say that Russ was the easy one to get to change it. AiG took a bit
    more effort--they like calling people names.


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