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    On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:29:28 EST, Allan Harvey wrote"

    <<In response to a statement I made about the concept of "races" of humans
    being scientifically dubious, Norm Woodward wrote:

    >Could you elaborate on that statement... I understand that genetics have
    >proved that we have all come from common ancestors, and, possibly, that we
    >are of the same species (the point of contention in my original post), but
    >does it in any way cast the idea of "strains" or "subspecies" or "races"
    >doubt. After all, for example, genetically, I believe, various groups are
    >susceptible to different illnesses. I have been told that such
    >are enough to classify micro-organisms, if not higher creatures. Could
    >be a basis of further breakdown of our species?

    Yesterday, I received by email the table of contents for the latest edition
    of The Scientist (Feb. 18, 2002). One of the lead articles deals directly
    with the question that Norm asks here -- what is the effect of race
    'differences' or 'non-differences' on susceptibility to illnesses. The
    article is entitled "Race and the Clinic: Good Science?" with a subtitle of
    "Human genome findings practically erase race as a biological factor".
    Since this is not my field and only a side interest, I will not attempt to
    summarize the article but direct you to the Web version at

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