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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 10:26:24 EST

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    At 05:08 PM 22/02/02 +1100, Jonathan Clarke wrote:
    >Hi all
    >I started this discussion on acg-1 which I run from my work computer but
    >as it is the weekend and I won't be at it until Monday I will continue
    >it here.

    That is quite a weekend, more than I got when I was still working.

    >Part of it says:
    >"An anticreationist

    I object to this way of calling people names. I believe that God created
    the universe, though I probably disagree with many people about the way God
    did it.

    I do not know about magnetic fields, at least not enough to talk about it,
    so I skip it.

    >He justly deserves any embarrassment he may get from this incident.

    That is NOT a Christian attitude.
    > Although Morton says he is still a Christian,

    That is not up to you to decide.

    >Calvin college (in Grand
    >Rapids, Michigan) has been a center of anticreationism for several
    >decades, being the home
    >territory of such worthies as Howard Van Til, Davis A. Young, and
    >Clarence Menninga. Though
    >still nominally a Christian college, many of its faculty seem to have
    >slid very far down and away
    >from its original principles.

    Why nominally? Who is a Christian? When is a college a Christian
    College? I object to the way you are wording your disagreements, even
    when you are right about being slighted. I cannot judge that.
    I am a supporter of Calvin College, and I would like to know when it became
    "nominally a Christian College, many of its faculty seem to have slid very
    far down and away from its original principles" ? Do you know what its
    original principles are?

    > As an
    >experiment, I appealed to Christian ethics.
    >His response? He ignored my request and challenged me to debate him on
    >other technical issues.
    >He showed not a shred of shame about relaying bad scholarship and
    >wrongly accusing creationists
    >of dishonesty. I wrote back that I was not at all interested in debating
    >him, because I was so
    >disgusted with his hypocrisy that I didn't want anything more to do with

    So you are as guilty as he was, if I understand your wording correctly.

    Generally speaking, I do not appreciate reading postings like Jonathan's at
    all. I do not know his thinking, I know that some people he accuses do
    believe that God created everything, the earth, the stars and everything
    there is. I also know that man fell in sin, and that all of us are now
    sinners. Even more that all of our doing and thinking is affected by our
    sins. Still, we should accept all who say that they are Christians, and
    point out maybe where they went wrong. But that pointing out should not be
    done on a public forum.

    Jan de Koning

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