Re: evolution and race

From: Keith B Miller (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 19:21:32 EST

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    >If you are trying to argue truth based on the effects of an idea (which I
    >would say is 99% invalid), you'd also have to put into the mix all the
    >good effects of the theory of evolution. These include medical advances
    >(allowing us to relieve suffering) and improvements in our understanding
    >of ecology (allowing us to be better stewards of God's creation). Not to
    >mention the realization evolutionary genetics has given us that the whole
    >concept of "races" of humans is scientifically dubious.

    It is my understanding that Warfield and other evangelicals saw evolution
    as a strong argument against racism and for the unity of humanity. The
    common descent of all humans was viewed as a confirmation of the biblical


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