Re: Gen 1 and Concordism

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 16:02:24 EST

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    At 11:20 AM 21/02/02 -0500, Howard J. Van Till wrote:
    >A suggestion:
    >1. Review the many messages that have been posted lately either defending
    >or criticizing various specific attempts to find a concord between Genesis
    >1-3, treated as a chronicle of what-happened-and-when in the creation's
    >formational history (YEC/OEC), and the current empirically-informed
    >scientific reconstruction of that history.

    Make that at least Gen. 1-11, Howard, as you know. I cannot see how you
    can see three chapters only, while the difficulties exist in all the first
    eleven chapters. Even more, my uncle, Koning, in his book on the
    El-Amarna tablets and the Old Testament, goes further and shows that there
    are difficulties with the numbers (etc.) in all the early books of the Bible.
    He proposes solutions which i do not find convincing, but the difficulties

    Jan de K.

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