RE: Definition of "Species"

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 14:22:39 EST

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    Hello Shuan,

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    > hi Adrian,
    > I think the data does show that all living things are related and that
    > humans are geneologically related to other living things,
    > specifically to
    > the great apes, with whom we share a common ancestor.

    That is certainly one interpretation of the data that makes sense to me.
    However, I don't think that this is the only interpretation that fits the

    > Orthodox Christians believe(I believe) that the image and
    > likeness of God
    > refers chiefly to our spiritual capacities. Whether these spiritual
    > capacities evolved, or are somehow inserted into us is an
    > open question. I
    > believe that God somehow guided the evolutionary process to
    > create those
    > qualities in Homo Sapiens, but I am willing to be persauded
    > on this. I have
    > no idea!

    Christians don't agree on what the image really means. Berkower has an
    exccellent volume that treats this issue called Man: The Image of God. I too
    believe as you do that God's hand was involved in the creation of Homo
    Sapiens (but others have also argued quite convincingly that Homo Erectus
    and other Homos were humans as well), but God's hand in involved in ALL of
    creation anyway. My point is not whether God was involved (He always is),
    but that the creation of humans was a process discontinuous with that which
    led to the emergence of other creatures. It was not necessarily an entirely
    different process (although it could have been), but that at the very least,
    MORE was involved than usual. That is what I mean by special creation.

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