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Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 12:23:33 EST

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    Hello Keith,

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    > Why must humans be specially created to preserve the doctrine
    > of original
    > sin or the image of God? I see no scriptural basis for this. Special
    > creation of the physical human form and these doctrines were
    > certainly not
    > seen as being in conflict by early supporters of evolution
    > such as B.B.
    > Warfield, or by many contemporary evangelical theologians.

    The gap between huamns and our closest relatives is so vast that it amounts
    to a qualitative difference. Of these differences, one of the most
    significant is probably our capacity for self-awareness and
    self-determination. No naturalistic process is able to satisfactorily
    explain the emergence of these capacities, which are prerequisites for moral
    accountability. We are moral beings because we have these capacities, and
    when we misuse them, we fall into sin. The doctrine of Original Sin not only
    requires that we are morally accountable, but also affirms the concept of
    the unity of humankind - that it is through the sin of one that we are all
    fallen. IMHO, to deny the historicity of the one Adam is to make non-sense
    of the doctrine.


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