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Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 12:12:43 EST

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    Hello Tim,

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    > Perhaps true, but as an explanation of the patterns observed in the
    > physical world, the concept lacks almost all the detail necessary
    > to provide any degree of distinguishability. I recognize that super-
    > natural intervention is always a possible explanation (for anything).
    > The problem is knowing when and how to apply it as a _likely_
    > explanation.

    I fully agree that the concept of special creation is scientifically
    useless. But I think that is where the Bible leaves room for science to make
    a contribution in our understanding. I think of Glenn Morton's speculation
    that God could taken the dead body of an ancestral creature, rearrange the
    chromosomes, and breathed new life into the creature to create Adam. That
    view is certainly consistent with special creation. IMO, where OEC draws
    that line is that the emergence of humans was an unusual mode of activity on
    God's part (akin to a miracle), something beyond the ordinary, and that is
    precisely why humans are not just physical organisms, but persons as well.


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