Re: Gen 1 and Concordism

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 11:20:38 EST

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    A suggestion:

    1. Review the many messages that have been posted lately either defending or
    criticizing various specific attempts to find a concord between Genesis 1-3,
    treated as a chronicle of what-happened-and-when in the creation's
    formational history (YEC/OEC), and the current empirically-informed
    scientific reconstruction of that history.

    2. Notice the relative amounts of attention paid to (a) all manner of modern
    scientific questions regarding physical structures, processes, events,
    chronological ordering, etc., and (b) perennial theological questions about
    the identities and interrelationships of God, humankind, and the world in
    which we live.

    3. Reflect on the significance of this for the question: Am I using the
    Bible appropriately?

    Howard Van Till

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