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From: Keith B Miller (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 09:55:12 EST

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    >Furthermore, I do not think that an OEC position necessarily requires that
    >one draws clear boundaries between ALL kinds of organisms, but only that
    >humans are specially created. This is necessary to preserve the doctrine of
    >Original Sin and the dignity and inestimable worth of humans as made in the
    >image of God. Thus, the doctrine of creation is not that God created all
    >living things in exactly the same form as we see today (although it could
    >embrace that if the data supports it), but that God created all things (it
    >is not about species, but about all things) visible and invisible, and that
    >humans are not created "after their own kind" but in the "image and
    >likeness" of God.

    Why must humans be specially created to preserve the doctrine of original
    sin or the image of God? I see no scriptural basis for this. Special
    creation of the physical human form and these doctrines were certainly not
    seen as being in conflict by early supporters of evolution such as B.B.
    Warfield, or by many contemporary evangelical theologians.


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