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    I do think that (if you talk about men) "survival of the fittest" is
    inhumane and un-christian.
    Our Lord wants us to take care of the poor. What God does is something
    else. We cannot and are not allowed to judge God, But God does judge us
    when we do not take care of the "poor" who we have always with us.

    "Humane" to have some "humans" die, so that others live well? To say that
    is very un-christian. We must take care of the poor around us. The
    hardest thing to see in N.America is the lack of proper care for the
    poor. I am not the only one thinking that. A quote from "themelios" the
    Editorial of Vol.27 No.2, page 1:

             Of course, when I look at American society in general, I am left
    with profound doubts about the depth of much American society in
    general. The rates of abortion are tragically high; the ubiquity of drugs
    eats at the fabric of society; unbelievable levels of deprivation stand
    side by side with vast wealth and opulence; the awful urban violence easily
    (and ironically, given American help in the province) eclipses that of
    Ulster in numbers of dead and wounded; andd glib political blasphemies drip
    constantly from the lips of politicians who constantly identify the
    American way with God's way.
    End of quote

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    > > I have never held the popular opinion that "social Darwinism" or
    > > "survival of the fittest" was in any way cruel or inhumane. Because of
    > > this, I have also not had philosophical difficulties accepting that God
    > > would design a system that seemingly works this way.
    > >
    > > the long run, it is much more humane and compassionate to
    > > have some humans lose their lives so that others may not only live but
    > > may live well.

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