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Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 19:15:14 EST

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    > >>> Evolution has a pretty sordid history in this regard, let alone the
    > link with eugenics that many liberal Protestant theologians and scientists
    > promoted (as well as secular scientists) at the turn of the century.
    > Obviously that doesn't falsify the theory...<<<
    > Doesn't it?
    > Many on this list keep whimpering about the insipidness of God creating it all,
    > just a few thousand years ago. They effectively make God out to be a liar, if
    > that creative act did indeed take place. But when it comes to evolution being
    > practically a racist philosophy, those same people cannot comprehend the cruelty
    > of a god who would create in a way so as to foster this evil. Justifying a god
    > who would create through cruelty is no justification at all for in such a
    > scheme, justice is really, non-existent!

    If the fact that sinful humans make use of something for evil (which has mostly been asserted without proof in the case of evolution) means that something must be false, then another thing to be falsified would be Christianity (has been abused for racism, the Crusades, abortion clinic bombings, etc.).

    If you are trying to argue truth based on the effects of an idea (which I would say is 99% invalid), you'd also have to put into the mix all the good effects of the theory of evolution. These include medical advances (allowing us to relieve suffering) and improvements in our understanding of ecology (allowing us to be better stewards of God's creation). Not to mention the realization evolutionary genetics has given us that the whole concept of "races" of humans is scientifically dubious.

    Allan Harvey,

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