RE: evolution and race

From: Richard Kouchoo (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 19:31:23 EST

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    >>>Having grown up in an
    anti-evolutionary church in the pre-civil rights days in the South, I can
    assure everyone, that being against evolution doesn't preclude racism.
    There are some awful things said by W. A. Criswell in the late 50s. Rimmer
    was a racist by today's standards (I will stand and fight on this claim).
    Unfortunately, where and when I grew up, everyone was a racist including me,
    my family and all the congregation and the preacher. It is a true statement
    that the YECs are over the top on this issue--they ignore their own past.<<<

    It's one thing to be racist out of ignorance of the human condition (i.e. that
    all humans are sinners and that hate is part and parcel of that thing which we
    call sin). This is rampant among Christians who should know better. It's
    another thing that a philosophy should promote racism, which the evolutionary
    philosophy clearly does.


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