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Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 22:39:31 EST

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    >Insofar as contemporary creationists link evolution with racism, they are
    >in my view overstating the case, but they are not making it up out of whole
    >cloth. Evolution has a pretty sordid history in this regard, let alone the
    >link with eugenics that many liberal Protestant theologians and scientists
    >promoted (as well as secular scientists) at the turn of the century.
    >Obviously that doesn't falsify the theory, but it does raise some
    >appropriate questions about the "boundaries" of scientific knowledge, and
    >the need to be open about the ways in which values shape theories.

    I agree that the issue is quite complex. Having grown up in an
    anti-evolutionary church in the pre-civil rights days in the South, I can
    assure everyone, that being against evolution doesn't preclude racism.
    There are some awful things said by W. A. Criswell in the late 50s. Rimmer
    was a racist by today's standards (I will stand and fight on this claim).
    Unfortunately, where and when I grew up, everyone was a racist including me,
    my family and all the congregation and the preacher. It is a true statement
    that the YECs are over the top on this issue--they ignore their own past.


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