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Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 21:28:27 EST

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    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > I received the following comment (not on this list) from a fellow ASAer
    > whom I respect but do not always agree with. He was commenting on the
    > DISCOVERY article about the PBS broadcast.
    > "Darwinism was historically a product of racism. That has been
    > documented in many ways. We may whitewash it, but it is a fact. To put it
    > another way, "social Darwinism" preceded Darwinism. Wealthy Europeans
    > wanted to have a good excuse why they should not be compassionate--
    > letting the weak die off is good for the race. This view persisted quite
    > overtly until after WWII."
    > I'm looking for a reasonable published refutation of this statement.

            First how about some evidence in support of it? & by evidence I do
    not mean _post hoc ergo propter hoc_ stuff like
            "Wealthy Europeans were racists (by 2002 standards) before Darwin.
            Therefore racism produced Darwinism."



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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