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Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 12:41:31 EST

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    >From: Adrian Teo <>

    > Microevolution is accepted, and accounts for a
    > wide array of observations. Extinction is also allowed in this view, which
    > explains why we don't see many creatures that we find in the fossil

    Why allow extinction? Is that a Biblical concept?

    Howard Van Till
    Is extinction a scientific concept? I thought, at least under Punk Eek,
    that a species just sort of fade until they are resurrected into new forms,
    such as dinosaurs --> birds.
    I almost forgot this concept until Martha Stewart reminded me Monday about
    the origin of scales on the talons of Bald Eagles (and chickens.)
    The things you can find yourself watching if you get holidays off...

    Norm Woodward
    Warner Robins Georgia

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