Ornamentation as a clue

From: John W Burgeson (burgytwo@juno.com)
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 15:33:58 EST

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    Metanexus just published an article on finding of early jewelry as
    indicators of when modern man appeared. More of the article is on their
    web site. See

    [CLIPPINGS] Dateline AAAS: Origins of "Modern" Behavior might be Linked
    to Population Pressures

    Sort of fits into Glenn's scenarios, I think.
    Boston, Mass. -- Some unique behaviors associated with modern
    humans--including a shift in diet and the earliest evidence of personal
    ornaments like beads--may be linked to an increase in human population
    density between 40 and 50 thousand years ago, Mary C. Stiner and Steven
    Kuhn reported Friday at the American Association for the Advancement of
    Science (AAAS) meeting.

    Their study could shed light on the origin of modern humans, a
    topic in anthropology. Some researchers think that modern humans arose as
    new species in Africa around 200,000 years ago, subsequently migrating
    of Africa and replacing earlier groups of humans around the world. Other
    researchers believe that early human populations like the Neanderthals
    gradually evolved into modern humans, while still others think there may
    evidence of some intermingling between early and modern human

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