Wind Power

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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 23:36:04 EST

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    A few days ago Jan de Koning commented about greenhouse pollution.
    Yesterday the Sunday Telegraph had a very interesting article about the UK's
    attempt to go to wind power. It was highly critical.

    1. The Danes have 13% of their electricity generated by wind power--they
    also have the highest priced electricity in Europe and have ceased any
    further expansion of their capacity.
    2. Currently the UK has 900 turbines producing 150 megawatts of energy, in a
    discontinuous fashion. They can't work when the wind is too low or to
    strong. But a small aluminum plant in Angelesey requires 220 megawatts of
    continuous supply.
    3. they kill birds. The article states: "large farm in California alone
    kills up to 300 redtail hawks and 60 golden eagles a year with its revolving
    4. The savings in carbon emissions will be more than offset by the emissions
    created when the pilings and foundation are built for the 400 foot tall



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