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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 15:05:01 EST

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    Some more data.
    From "The Origin and Diversification of Land Plants" Kenrick and Crane
    (paleobotanists) 1998. They list the ealiest record of members of the
    "spermophyta" which are seedplants as upper devonian (360-380mya), good
    memory David! Bryophyte spores are found back into the Silurian (400mya+).

    >Conifers do not appear until the Carboniferous which is about 300 myr ago.
    Simply repeating the false claim, this time from your book, does nothing to
    make the claim true. Cite a single paleontology article in which conifers
    are found in the upper Ordovician (which is older than the Silurian) which
    is where fish are first found.<

    Some further data, without much conclusion:

    I believe the current records for oldest known seeds and evidence for woody
    plants are latest Devonian. Land plants extend into the Silurian, with
    possibly terrestrial material (mostly spores) into the Ordovician. Dr.
    Patricial Gensel at UNC-Chapel Hill would be a good person to contact about
    current knowledge on early plants, if anyone is interested, and would
    certainly be quicker than my finding my notes from her class a few years
    ago. Algae, on the other hand, extend well into the Precambrian, and
    photosynthetic bacteria even earlier. It seems a bit of a stretch to assume
    that Genesis 1 is referring to cyanobacteria, however.
    The oldest material of jawless fish scales dates to the late Cambrian
    (Astrapis), but some of the early Cambrian Chenjiang organisms have been
    identified as fishlike chordates. Conodonts, probably the ancestors of true
    fishes, range back to the earliest Cambrian or latest Precambrian. Jawed
    fishes go back at least to the Silurian. However, the generality of
    taxonomic concepts in Hebrew, especially for unclean aquatic animals, would
    suggest that shellfish may also be included in the category of fish. This
    would probably include the late Precambrian Ediacaran fauna, if an ancient
    Hebrew had had any reason to refer to it.

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