Re: Gen 1:1 and Concordism

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 13:23:37 EST

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    At 11:14 AM 17/02/02 +0000, Jim Eisele wrote:

    >I'll probably gloss over a lot even in just this one reply. I think,
    >however, that we can fall flat on our faces when we focus on the "biblical
    >writers." Either God inspired 100% of the Bible, or 0%, or somewhere in

    No doubt 100 %, but that does not mean that therefor my or your reading is
    correct. As a Calvinist I believe that nothing we do is error- (sin-)
    free. That is why we can have discussions like this. The only frustrating
    thing I find in discussions like this, that in general our back-grounds and
    our pasts are different. Consequently we get involved in a hot debate,
    before we realize, that the other person does not know where we are coming
    from. The result is that we get more and more hot under the collar and say
    things we should not have.

    Just a little note, God did not inspire the present English translations,
    and the inspired originals do not exist any longer. Copiers and
    translators are sinners, and people like we, who wanted to do a perfect
    job, but were not perfect. Consequently, the number of bible translations
    into English continues to grow. Obviously most of them are not exactly

    Jan de K.

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