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      Modern fruit trees, critics point out, certainly were not in existence
    before fishes. That seems to be true, but these verses say nothing about
    “modern” fruit trees. In English, fruit trees bear edible fruit; apples,
    pears, cherries, and so forth. The Hebrew term includes seed-bearing trees,
    and shade trees that do not bear edible fruit. 5

      Apple trees, for example, do not date to the Upper Silurian, but the
    “fruit” of any plant is its yield. Conifers were among the first land-based
    vegetation, and calling them “fruit trees” is consistent with the Hebrew.

    Dick, As I documented, conifers are NOT among the first land life forms.
    Conifers do not appear until the Carboniferous which is about 300 myr ago.
    Simply repeating the false claim, this time from your book, does nothing to
    make the claim true. Cite a single paleontology article in which conifers
    are found in the upper Ordovician (which is older than the Silurian) which
    is where fish are first found.


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