Re: Genesis One and Concordism (was a lot of other things previously)

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Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 07:23:09 EST

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    I have to apologize to Michael and others. I misread what he said and I
    felt he directed his critism directly at me and singled me out as not
    paret of the "regulars". (Two reasons are 1. Jim and I were the ones
    listed in the "TO" area and 2. alsost all of the attached exchange was
    between Jim and me.)

    Anyhow I was wrong.


    Glenn Morton wrote:
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    > >> But if it is a regular e.g. Glenn, Jon. George, Howard etc we can be more
    > >> agressive and shoot from the hip. I dont think I could unsettle them in
    > >> their faith, but I still need to be reasonably polite. I can be robust.
    > >
    > >I take offense at this! If this is some sort of a club where the elite
    > >have the only opinions that are valid,
    > Let me differ a bit, Walter. I don't think anyone thinks my views are
    > valid, nor do I feel a part of some elite group. I am just someone trying to
    > figure this world out and learn as much as I can about as much as I can
    > along the way.
    > The one criticism that is valid, is that I do shoot--whether from the hip or
    > not is debatable. I love rousing debates in which someone teaches something
    > new or makes me better at the subject.
    > glenn
    > see
    > for lots of creation/evolution information
    > anthropology/geology/paleontology/theology\
    > personal stories of struggle

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