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    >Nothing has changed, when I see that the richest nations in the world want
    >to force the poorest nations to accept that the richest nations' economies
    >cannot pay for the cleaning of the air on the planet (Kyoto agreement,)
    >though the most mechanized nations (the richest) are the greatest

    Two comments, the food exported by the richest nations to the poorest costs
    1000 gallons of fuel per acre which for corn is about 120 bushels. They eat
    the food grown in energy intensive agricultural processes. Large volumes of
    natural gas are used to create fertilizer which is used on the fields (both
    in the US and in the third world) and for which much oil is burned driving
    tractors and trucks to move the food to market. The current alternative is
    starvation. We are all part of the problem.

    Secondly, by the end of this century, much of our current energy supply will
    be gone. I did an analysis last week which showed that the onshore US was
    already spending more energy looking for oil than they were finding. This
    doesn't mean everyone in the US is failing but it is the reason for the
    decline of the industry. THe big losers die.

    Some projections say that by the mid century it will cost more energy to
    mine U.S. coal than we get out of it. Air pollution is not really the
    problem we think it is--we are fast approaching the limit of the damage we
    can do to the atmosphere in this way. Natural feedback loops are about to
    kick in.

    The only ray of hope lies in fusion, no other energy producing system can
    create enough energy. New Scientist Feb 9, 2002 has a very hopeful article
    about developments in fusion research, "Here comes the sun'. Without this,
    the energy future of the world is really, really bad.



    for lots of creation/evolution information
    personal stories of struggle

    >I do not want to imply, that the rich nations are greater sinners than the
    >poor, only that we follow God's command in Gen 1: 29-31, a command that is
    >not "symbolic", very poorly. We should not get distracted by arguments
    >about God's Word, if we don't listen to His Word about creation.
    >Jan de K.
    >Jan de K.

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