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From: Lucien S Carroll (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 01:43:50 EST

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    > Genesis 1 is a theological and (perhaps) liturgical text that proclaims
    the God of Israel as the creator of the world and of humanity. It uses
    ideas about the physical world current ~2600 years ago

    This is the second time that i've seen you give ~600 BC as the date of the
    writing of genesis, and i guess it surprises me. This certainly isn't my
    specialty, but 600 BC seems pretty incongruent. The level of detail in
    Joseph's story for example, or the correlation between the structure of
    deuteronomy and akkadian-era (if i remember correctly) fealty covenants,
    or the finding of the "book of the law" in the time of josiah, all seem to
    indicate that the pentateuch was atleast primarily written in the time of
    moses or so. To clarify on josiah's find, either it was written then and
    passed off as ancient (which would be devastating to any claims of even
    theological authority) or there really was a lost book (deuteronomy
    (?)) found.

    I do think there is a high possibility of later elements slipping
    into the text, but to attibute it all to that late seems a bit of
    stretch. I'd like to know on what basis you date it that late, or atleast
    point me to a critic whose opinion you trust.

    Lucien S Carroll
    "All mankind is stupid, devoid of knowledge."
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