Re: Genesis One and Concordism (was a lot of other things previously)

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 17:29:56 EST

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    Michael Roberts wrote:
    > I have felt uneasy about some of these exchanges. We need to think who is
    > the person sending the e-mail, which may or may not be rubbish. It may be a
    > weak or struggling Christian who is asking desperate questions as they have
    > problems with their faith. Thus we need to be gentle in our response.
    > But if it is a regular e.g. Glenn, Jon. George, Howard etc we can be more
    > agressive and shoot from the hip. I dont think I could unsettle them in
    > their faith, but I still need to be reasonably polite. I can be robust.

    I take offense at this! If this is some sort of a club where the elite
    have the only opinions that are valid, then why not filter the people
    who are allowed to participate in ASA?

    Things can be evaluated on their merit and I never seen any of those
    whom you mention to be shy about stating their position and critiquing
    dumb ideas (like my own).

    And who, pray tell, are you to pass judgment?


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