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Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 17:20:06 EST

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    Jan de Koning wrote:
    > Nothing has changed, when I see that the richest nations in the world want
    > to force the poorest nations to accept that the richest nations' economies
    > cannot pay for the cleaning of the air on the planet (Kyoto agreement,)
    > though the most mechanized nations (the richest) are the greatest polluters.
    > I do not want to imply, that the rich nations are greater sinners than the
    > poor, only that we follow God's command in Gen 1: 29-31, a command that is
    > not "symbolic", very poorly. We should not get distracted by arguments
    > about God's Word, if we don't listen to His Word about creation.
    > Jan de K.
    > Jan de K.

    I'm not certain what these have to do with the subject title but I
    wonder if the Kyoto agreement would have done any real good. Seems to
    have been too weak.

    On the other hand, Glenn's write up on the oil supply problem
    indicates that we may have the pollution problem solved for us. If what
    Glenn predicts comes to pass, then man will be forced to conserve or to
    find other (environmentally friendly) sources.

    Man sins, but God is control and may have a wiser plan than what we have
    up with.



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