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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 17:05:46 EST

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    Several people wrote about "Old-Earth Creationism." I have an idea what it
    means, but I do find the term deceptive in some sense, because it wants to
    say something, which is not clear, since the term seems to indicate
    that,"Yes, the earth is old, but God did not use evolution. Of course, the
    earth was not created 6000 years ago."
    A position like that leaves me even more confused than Young-Earth Creationism.

    But, maybe, I don't understand the problem at all.
    My position? Of course, God created. How He did not tell us, only that He
    did. So very early believers wrote under God's direction, to peoples who
    had no "science," a "poetic" story about God's power, and why we should
    adore God who created. However, man acted against God's will (sinned)
    causing great misery on God's earth.

    Nothing has changed, when I see that the richest nations in the world want
    to force the poorest nations to accept that the richest nations' economies
    cannot pay for the cleaning of the air on the planet (Kyoto agreement,)
    though the most mechanized nations (the richest) are the greatest polluters.

    I do not want to imply, that the rich nations are greater sinners than the
    poor, only that we follow God's command in Gen 1: 29-31, a command that is
    not "symbolic", very poorly. We should not get distracted by arguments
    about God's Word, if we don't listen to His Word about creation.

    Jan de K.

    Jan de K.

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