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Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 19:30:00 EST

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    Gordon wrote:

    >>Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 16:27:35 -0700 (MST)
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    >>I don't think this really answers Adrian's question. There is a wide
    >>spectrum of positions that could be called OEC, and the fact that some old
    >>earth creationists make erroneous statements does not automatically mean
    >>that all possible OEC positions have to be wrong.
    >>For those who are willing to admit what it is that scientific evidence has
    >>shown, the issue becomes what their theology or philosophy of science
    >>says. For such a person to be YEC, he would probably have to take Gosse's
    >>view and say that scientific observation cannot be trusted because God may
    >>have created illusions. This view would have to be countered
    >>theologically, and we can't hope to convince such a person if we can't
    >>find common ground theologically that is relevant.
    >>I take OEC to mean anyone who believes in an old earth but denies common
    >>descent of all life from a primitive ancestor. Thus an OEC could believe
    >>in only one gap or many gaps. They could also disagree with one another as
    >>to why God made gaps in his creation. The TE's opinion that none of the
    >>gaps is real reflects his theology or philosophy of science. Until all the
    >>gaps are filled, the OEC can still be open to the possibility that some of
    >>them may indeed be real. An analogy might be someone putting together a
    >>jigsaw puzzle and not knowing for certain that all the pieces were there
    >>until it was essentially completed.

    This last almost sounds Cantorian. In a quantized world, how on earth does
    one every fill every gap? With the discovery of every single transitional
    form 2 gaps replace 1 previous gap. Thus the more discoveries we have, the
    more gaps we have.

    As to the OEC position see my reply today to Adrian.



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