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Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 14:39:11 EST

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    Jim wrote: "Before you expect me to read a book, you could at least give
    me the courtesy of addressing one of my arguments. This is a discussion
    forum, is it not?"

    Of course. I will therefore address one of your questions with the

    You question how some of the verses of Genesis might fit "modern

    My answer is that what we see in Genesis, as well as in many places in
    scripture, is quite obviously "history metaphorized." To read these
    metaphors as history is to, of course, "historicize metaphors." (both
    phrases from the writings of Marcus Borg). Now metaphorical language is
    -- by its nature -- not literal; its meaning is always "to see as."

    When one treats a metaphor as literal history, it leads to all kinds of
    strange results. Our YEC friends do this extensively; their resulting
    "science" is, therefore, mostly a collection of data, "might bes," ad hoc
    explanations, etc. Ad hoc is perhaps their most serious failing. Example:

    YEC: The flood was global
    ME: We have found no evidence of such
    YEC: Can't prove by negative evidence
    Me: Where is the debris one would expect after such an event?
    YEC: Well, maybe God cleaned up
    Me: Where did the waters come from?
    YEC: God made them for that purpose, and then erased them
    Me: How did the fresh water fish survive in brackish water?
    YEC: God must have miraculously preserved them
    Me: How do the kangaroos get to Australia?
    YEC: God must have picked them up from the ark and moved them
    Me: How did all those animals survive on the ark for a year?
    YEC: maybe they hibernated
    Me: what kind of lights did Noah have on the ark?
    YEC: Floodlights, of course.

    etc. Sorry for the last pun.

    Now I know that does not answer any of your DIRECT questions, like what
    the dickens happened on "Day 4," for instance. What it does say to your
    questions is that they are simply nonsense questions, questions without
    any intrinsic meaning. They start as meaningful questions, but quickly
    degenerate into something else; Example:

    Q: What was Red Riding Hood's last name?
    A: "Hood," of course.
    Q: How was she related to General Hood of Civil War fame?
    A: ???


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