Re: Genesis One that Fits, #3

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 21:18:54 EST

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    At 10:28 PM 2/14/02 +0000, Jim Eisele wrote:
    >Hide & seek comes to mind.
    >In response to
    ><< Please tell me where
    > science doesn't = Genesis One. >>
    >Paul Seely writes
    >It is not just Day 4 that does not fit. See
    > Bible
    >Paul, I have read that. And you make some good points (I especially like
    >the one about the fruit trees). And I guess that you just got yourself some
    >publicity. But please step up to the plate, and stop hiding behind a
    >previous paper. What's your biggest beef with the reconciliation between
    >Genesis One and Science? Bring it on. Let's get it out in the open where
    >everyone can look at it. If you dare. -Jim

    Jim, are you someone who decided to come here to tweak noses and see what
    kind of response you could get? Or are you a troll?

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